THE CRIBS – Running Into You

The triumphant return of Wakefield’s own rock-and-roll-royalty The Cribs, is heralded by the release of their latest single ‘Running into You’ from the upcoming 8th studio album ‘Night Network’. Breaking free recently from the tangled web of management wranglings and redressing the doom-laden rumour mill murmurings of the band’s impending demise, the revitalised sound of… Read More

Just Listen: THE LEMON TWIGS – No One Holds You (Closer Than The One You Haven’t Met)

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The Lemon Twigs No One Holds You (Closer Than The One You Haven’t Met) Words by Jim Mumby The Lemon Twigs can do no wrong with a back-catalogue of releases already stamped with ’quality assurance’. Having one platform boot firmly in Old Texan Saloon Bar music and another high-kicking into the…

SAINT SAVIOUR (w/ Bill Ryder Jones) – Home

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Saint Saviour with Bill Ryder-Jones Home Words by Jim Mumby When needs be, Saint Saviour (Becky Jones) has the fortunate acumen to choose the perfect cohort, this time in an east-meets-west partnering with former touring companion Bill Ryder-Jones. An excerpt from the September scheduled album Tomorrow Again, the tenderly entwining vocals…


The prolific songsmithery and output from Samantha Crain staggers, as the Wichita singer/songwriter’s latest outpouring of single releases continues with ‘Pastime’, a mood-folk sedative revealing the excitement and intoxicity of a new love. The fourth single from the anticipated July release of Crain’s new album ‘A Small Death’ is a familiar instrumentally sparse and unfussy… Read More


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Henry Jamison – I Forgot Myself Words: Jim Mumby Ahead of the collaborative Tourism EP, Henry Jamison’s partnering with Darlingside unveils a tender introspection, recalling memories of a lonely existence and unlikely romance in forlorn situations, by side-stepping his life to realise those emotional struggles between denial and supposition of his…


The Hifi Club Leeds is a live music and events venue that has firmly staked its claim as one of the most reputable and reliable clubs for independent music, with a wholesome and diverse weekly schedule encompasing everything from comedy nights to soul & funk. The Sunday Joint wraps up the week and highlights some… Read More


Proud jazz-funk flag-wavers London Afrobeat Collective came through with a typically charismatic, uplifting and colourful performance – energising that tightly packed Brudenell Community Room audience to an almost dizzying state of euphoria, obliged by their high-energy soundclash of funk and psychedelic rock infused arrangements injected into predominant Afrobeat rhythms, holding firm to LAC’s continuing messages… Read More


There is no excuse for passing up on the opportunity to go out and experience a live gig by any artist that resides in the camp of Jagjaguwar records, primarily home to some of the freshest contemporaries in American and Canadian indie folk and rock music. So with no exception then, it was a real… Read More


You’d be forgiven if you drove right past this hidden music venue as it isn’t readily recognisable within the street scene, and located within a pocket of one of Leeds suburbs that continues in its struggle to establish a defined identity, being wedged in a hinterland muddled with local business and industry, a scattering of… Read More


Towards to tail end of the UK’s festival season calendar emerged a pocket-sized contender for one of this year’s most promising newcomers to join the party alongside the plethora of musical must-see events, from which a surprisingly early testament to it’s success story has already seen the release of ‘early-bird’ ticket sale advertisements released across… Read More


In The Shape Of A Storm Far into the double figures of albums released thus far, the highly prolific works of Damien Jurado continue with the recent release of In The Shape Of A Storm, a largely solo effort (aside from the periodic accompaniments of the ethereal higher tuned finger-style guitar work provided by Josh… Read More


Incidental Music Debut album from Manchester’s beat driven W. H. Lung is an aural hypnotic landscape of unfaltering songs. Simpatico People taken from W.H. Lung’s debut album Incidental Music, seemed to reach out with comparable ease, drifting clear of a sea of songs emanating from a whole swathe of bands that are currently treading the… Read More