The triumphant return of Wakefield’s own rock-and-roll-royalty The Cribs, is heralded by the release of their latest single ‘Running into You’ from the upcoming 8th studio album ‘Night Network’. Breaking free recently from the tangled web of management wranglings and redressing the doom-laden rumour mill murmurings of the band’s impending demise, the revitalised sound of the Jarman’s signifies the ongoing trials of a band that is evidently far from over. How could that ever be the case when soul guardians par example Dave Grohl and Sam Riley have got your back?

‘Running into You’ is a sparsely lyrical, albeit thought-provoking résumé centring on the impactful nature of reminiscence, a song which carries all those classic formulaic traits of Cribs songs that fans will adore. Foregoing any introduction formalities and attacking straight from the bell with volleys of headshots, Gary and Ryan Jarman’s strained vocals are underpinned by those trademark sonically-piercing guitars and central bass lines which come thick and fast, propelled by Ross’ relentless hammering and rapid snare fill technical brilliance.

Never straying far from their minimal production sound and faithful indie-rock values, the poppier-sounding shoulder-rubbing (in particular with LA’s geek-rockers Weezer) rings out more as sun-soaked, opposed to the rain-drenched rock of their Yorkshire affinity. No surprises there then when two-thirds of the band currently reside Stateside, and recordings took place within and around the élan vital of Studio 606 and the majesty surrounding the heritage of that revered Sound City derived mixing console.

A great first shining from an eagerly anticipated album by indie-rocks much loved siblings and their treasured return to the fore.

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