87979494_3154443211235172_7678034501582192640_oThe Lemon Twigs

No One Holds You (Closer Than The One You Haven’t Met)

Words by Jim Mumby

The Lemon Twigs can do no wrong with a back-catalogue of releases already stamped with ’quality assurance’. Having one platform boot firmly in Old Texan Saloon Bar music and another high-kicking into the belly of 80’s American guitar-charged rock, the D’Addario brothermen have a wide pond in which to fish for influences, and although the presence of those rock vanguards are evident, the results of their own avant-garde efforts are far from pastiche.

Perhaps not the most prolific in terms of music releases to-date, we arrive at the latest offering No One Holds You… (from the upcoming LP Songs for the General Public) – is a fantastical outpouring conveying the inevitable escape from a blinkered fleeting relationship to the hope springs eternal quest of finding the girl in his own imaginings…

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