600x600bbSaint Saviour with Bill Ryder-Jones


Words by Jim Mumby

When needs be, Saint Saviour (Becky Jones) has the fortunate acumen to choose the perfect cohort, this time in an east-meets-west partnering with former touring companion Bill Ryder-Jones.

An excerpt from the September scheduled album Tomorrow Again, the tenderly entwining vocals of Jones and Jones on Home paint an introspective landscape of the shifting dynamics of personal relationships brought about by the arrival of Becky Jones’ own child.  Folkloristic by nature with lyrics that invoke the mystical romance of middle-English prose, Home is surprisingly fluid and almost over-eager to surpass it’s centrally focussed metronomic drum heartbeat, pulse quickening and subsiding only for a brief respite to give way to the Jones’ vocal harmonising and the crystalline purity of bells and soothing tones of brass and woodwind inlays that blow a gentle air across precision guitar fretwork, culminating at a…

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