The prolific songsmithery and output from Samantha Crain staggers, as the Wichita singer/songwriter’s latest outpouring of single releases continues with ‘Pastime’, a mood-folk sedative revealing the excitement and intoxicity of a new love.

The fourth single from the anticipated July release of Crain’s new album ‘A Small Death’ is a familiar instrumentally sparse and unfussy arrangement, with a hold-steady slow rock rhythm softened by the delicately strummed acoustic guitar work, over slightly mystical synths that compliment the low ‘hummed’ backing vocals (à la Dennis Wilson’s ‘River Song’) – all galvanised by Crain’s reverb-soaked vocal tones that rise and fall with blissed-out exuberance, recalling sentiments of those cherished carefree ‘4am-on-a-Wednesday’ experiences of becoming so blinded and deafened by their own reciprocated love that it appears to render time and place irrelevent.

Nestled alongside singles ‘Holding to The Edge of Night’, the almost ‘Teen Spirit’esque guitar riff at the core of ‘Garden Dove’, and the intense vocals on the sobreing ‘An Echo’ – give an impressive insight of what may promise to be a collection of Samantha Crain’s finest writings.

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