Henry Jamison – I Forgot Myself

Words: Jim Mumby

Ahead of the collaborative Tourism EP, Henry Jamison’s partnering with Darlingside unveils a tender introspection, recalling memories of a lonely existence and unlikely romance in forlorn situations, by side-stepping his life to realise those emotional struggles between denial and supposition of his subsequently failed relationship in a bid to rebuild his self identity and purpose.

With bare-boned lyrics and the delicately sparse acoustic instrumentation and supporting vocals of Darlingside, Henry’s journey through his own mind store echoes melancholy, but contained within are the essences of hope and enlightenment.

The silver lining to Henry’s soul-searching balladry, being the apparent reconciliation with his ex-partner and their subsequent co-habitation ahead of this period of quarantine, something to inspire in these dispiriting times.

In essence a sublime experience and promising prelude to the other facets of Tourism.

Listen to I Forgot Myself below:

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