Incidental Music

Debut album from Manchester’s beat driven W. H. Lung is an aural hypnotic landscape of unfaltering songs.

Simpatico People taken from W.H. Lung’s debut album Incidental Music, seemed to reach out with comparable ease, drifting clear of a sea of songs emanating from a whole swathe of bands that are currently treading the boards of experimental electronic synth-pop, if not re-defining the concepts of avant-garde attempting to punch through the boundaries that once perhaps held-back the genre of say, Krautrock – with similarities lying in compositions that build, and take the form of elongated sessions of minimal percussion and steadfast bass lines, stitched together with meandering electronica and shimmering guitar parts – songs that never really reach any kind of dizzying heights, but propel you in a forward direction with intensity and speed.

Case in point this 10-minute album introduction defining the simplistic language of W. H. Lung which remains consistent for the album duration alongside previous debut single ‘Inspiration’ and the single ‘WANT’, delivering in total a lengthy 51-minute workout! If like me, you enjoy switching off for an hours-worth of headphone listening with the firm intention of purposely losing track of time, then this is for you. Conversely, if you need to hastily get yourself somewhere without too much of an interruption, then this is also for you. So if your bag is either ambience or stimulation, say hello to Incidental Music.

It’s encouraging to hear that such is the level of professional musical ability of many contemporary bands, that they can easily translate from the studio to live performance, as appears to be the case for W. H. Lung. With the pressure of a growing following alongside the interest and recent airplay on BBC 6music, what started out as more of a studio-based project has induced an urgency to transmit their sound from venues and make appearances at boutique and smaller festivals. However, its clear that the band are in no apparent rush to hastily deliver any music that has not first been well-honed, clearly evident on this album that constitutes considered and well-crafted melodies – in maturation since their debut single in 2017.

As a band who are still in relative infancy in terms of output and gig experience, this is an album full of intelligence and mature songwriting – a considerable benchmark – so it remains to be seen how they will measure up when faced with the notoriously ‘difficult 2nd album’, or if this proves to be the pinnacle of their creativity.

W. H. Lung then. Highly watchable, and definitely capable of making you dance and maybe lose yourself for a while, as evident with a new cool generation of bands appearing to reacquaint their audience with the idea that dancing is actually OK, dispelling the old adage that “the coolest dancers don’t move their feet”.